Competitive Sports

LFET facilitates the delivery of a high level programme of engagement to raise standards of achievement and participation across all abilities.

  • Training PE teachers in specific high level coaching techniques - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions with selected PE staff on coaching the most talented students, confidence building in coaching, managing teams, team talks and discussions, captaincy, professional conduct, psychology, equality.

  • Coaching and mentoring of talented sports students including lifestyle guidance, stress management, nutrition, target setting, dealing with setbacks.

  • Inspirational talks for all classes (assemblies) including ‘sporting careers’ talks during Key Stage four and five.

  • Coaching school teams

  • Deliver sixth form enrichment sessions

  • Support lessons within curriculum time

  • Organise guest player coaching sessions

  • Organise confidence building sessions for poorer ability and the disaffected.

  • Sessions with parents focused upon explaining the value of sport and physical activity and how best to support highly talented students, as well as those who don’t see the value of PE and Sport.

  • Liaising with and supporting our local primary schools

  • Linking and sourcing the NGBs, Sport England etc.

  • Research and introduce other alternative sports to help engage students who are disaffected by traditional sports.

  • Brokering access to local facilities

  • Provide access to major sporting events and facilities