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Masters Programme

One of the biggest factors in classroom experience and outcomes is the professional knowledge and skill of the teacher. Continuing to think about classroom practice and the purpose of education is a key element of the professional practice of all teachers in the Laurus Trust.


There are many mechanisms which facilitate this reflective practice: ARC, FPL, Leadership Development Programmes, and the Masters.

The Masters Programme is a conscious move to ensure that our teachers are not passive recipients of doctrine, that they actively engage with relevant philosophical and educational research concepts. All participants apply to the course as this is a significant additional burden on their own person time. The most common route is structured into thirds and is designed to dovetail with our ITT provision.

The programme is currently in its second year with planning already in place for a third year. To date 32 teachers, from across the alliance, including primary, secondary and alternate provisions, have completed two thirds of their Masters degrees with us and are set to or already have progressed to the campus based dissertation stage.


The units have explored Issues in Professional Practice, Current Issues in Education, Pedagogy in Practice Research Projects and Critical Questions in Education. Next year the units will be Mapping the Territory and Research Methodologies. 

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