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Musical Performance

Music matters to the Laurus Trust and LFET support of Musical Performance ensures that the musical potential of every student in a Laurus school is fulfilled. Across the Trust, 120 students play in orchestras, 400 students sing in a variety of choirs, and more than 230 students play in over 15 ensembles ranging from percussion groups to jazz bands, string ensembles to rock groups, to name but a few. The development of musical performance is underpinned by LFET support of musical tuition at grass-roots level; last year, LFET enabled over 160 beginners to pick up and play a string, brass or woodwind instrument of their choice.


 Central to LFET’s commitment to raise musical achievement is the development of a rich and varied curriculum across all Laurus Schools. This includes, but is by no means confined to, ukulele groups, African drumming, singing workshops, Stomp/ Junk Yard workshops, Performance and Composition projects and visits from established groups and choirs. Professional masterclasses and competitive opportunities enhance Laurus musicians’ experience and musical creativity. The Laurus Music Festival celebrates students’ engagement with musical performance at all levels.


​Over time, the Laurus Trust will become a centre of musical excellence in every sense, rivalling the independent sector in its provision and support of musical performance.

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