Inspiring students from all backgrounds to build their personal confidence, find their voice, and aspire to great success in their chosen fields. This will be enabled through access to both outstanding education and best of class co-curricular activities including performing arts, sports programmes, debating and entrepreneurship.

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Who we are

The Law Family Educational Trust (LFET) is a Charitable Trust established to support the Laurus Trust, a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), headquartered in Cheadle Hulme, near Manchester. The MAT encompasses the 4-18 age range in primary, secondary and sixth form contexts across Greater Manchester.

Our aim is to help raise all-round educational attainment levels and eventually serve as a template for state school co-curricular activities nationwide. The approach is rooted in our belief that personal development and aspiration are promoted by participation in a whole range of activities, not just academic ones. We aim to support the Laurus Trust’s Cornerstones programme which promotes the four areas of Academic Aspiration, Leadership and Service, Competition and Physical Endeavour, Culture, Creativity and Rhetoric.

Academic success alone is typically not sufficient for students to realise their aspirations. Broader character development is necessary if students are to access the best universities and careers and subsequently make the most of their opportunities. Every student should learn how to speak effectively and with confidence. By developing activities for which students have a particular propensity or interest they will become better motivated, more respected by their peers, more fully engaged in education, more likely to recognise their potential and more able to make a difference in the world.

A core belief of LFET is that it is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. Failure at any point in time, in any discipline, should be recognised merely as a set-back, an opportunity for betterment and a spring board to future improvement and success.

LFET is wholly funded by the Law Family Charitable Foundation.

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The Laurus Trust

The Laurus Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), established by Cheadle Hulme High School (CHHS). In the 2018 Progress 8 Headline measure CHHS came in the top 2% of schools nationally and was named Secondary School of the Year 2018 at the Greater Manchester Schools Awards.

The Trust has opened four brand new free schools – Cheadle Hulme Primary School, Laurus Cheadle Hulme, Laurus Ryecroft and the most recent in September 2019, Didsbury High School. The Laurus Alternative Provision School is in the pre-opening phase. Hazel Grove High School joined the Trust in September 2019.

In 2016, Gorsey Bank Primary School, a high performing primary school based in Wilmslow, joined the Trust. Gorsey Bank ranks in the top 1% of primary schools nationally based on Reading, Writing and Mathematics according to the Sunday Times ‘Parent Power’ league table.

Linda Magrath i is the CEO of the Laurus Trust, and was previously Head Teacher of CHHS. CHHS was rated Outstanding in all categories by Ofsted in both 2011 and 2015.

Tony Little is the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

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Enrichment through
special activities

The LFET will support higher levels of student betterment across all ability levels through a wide range of special activities including performing arts, competitive sports, debating, entrepreneurship and Young Enterprise Schemes.

Co-curricular activities, in addition to regular sport and exercise, and a sense of competitive spirit will increase personal well-being, health and concentration levels. Collectively they will promote team building skills, leadership, and a passion to perform beyond one’s own expectations in all disciplines.

Recognising that one of the biggest factors in classroom experience and outcomes is the professional knowledge and skill of the teacher, LFET will also offer a Masters Programme for teachers to support ongoing professional development.


Musical Performance

Competitive Sports

Masters Programme


This is how Patsy Rodenburg explains her work and ideas

The work I do and the exercises I teach can be traced back 3000 years in our Western traditions and in fact were basic classes in schools until the Industrial Revolution. Shakespeare did voice and speech work, he learnt lines from the age of 6.

What is extremely exciting is science; neuro imagery and extensive studies on how we learn prove that embodied learning is the most efficient way of deep understanding of ideas, creativity and an engagement of what it is to be human and civilised.

My beliefs are echoed by Dr Iain McGilchrist who explains how it is critical that we engage both our right and left brain to be a fully rounded citizen. Speaking aloud great poetic text joins the brain. Speaking knowledge aloud means the speaker remembers knowledge more than when they only write out material.

The other crucial understanding that is known throughout history is that these skills are learnt only through repetition. Students need to practise regularly. This can be achieved through a session once or twice a week and the educational impact can be heightened through:

  • Speaking great literature
  • Debating
  • Discussion of learning experienced in other subjects.
  • Formal and informal language explored and forms of rhetoric tested.

All the above can be assessed. Every student should learn how to speak effectively and with confidence (this is not about accent) to develop a rich use of language and imagery.
Students should be able to conduct constructive dialogue and be able to debate complicated ideas. Any special interest can be explored in after school activities – theatre, music, writing etc.

It is important to work with teachers to enhance their abilities to communicate and enable their students to excel.   We should identify members of staff to fast track and mentor in these skills.

We should introduce students to some of the greatest minds and most creative people in the world. I am confident they will come! Actors, writers, composers, singers etc. I can facilitate regular visits from the RSC education team.

Voice programmes

Patsy Rodenburg in her role as Consultant, together with appointed staff, will design and deliver a bespoke LFET programme to raise individual student social and professional skills through practical engagement across the entire educational curriculum. It will be based upon the following core beliefs of Patsy that success is not based on just academic knowledge but on certain social and professional skills:

  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Speech
  • The ability to listen, to have dialogue and debate
  • To be present in all situations and centred
  • To make and maintain eye contact
  • To have an overview and be able to work in and lead teams

Connected to and aligned with these fundamental skills is the need for young people to be able to focus their imaginations and be creative. Language, plays, poetry and music – the humanities can be taught not only academically but through doing and enacting.

Musical Performance

The Musical Performance Ambassador, Mike Cosadinos, will facilitate the delivery of a high level LFET programme of engagement to raise standards of achievement and participation across all abilities by developing a rich and varied curriculum across all Laurus Schools to include:  ukulele group, African Drumming, Singing Workshops, Stomp/ Junk Yard Workshops, Performance and Composition projects and visits from established groups and choirs.

It is the Ambassadors mission to talent spot in order to develop orchestras and other instrumental and vocal groups within the Laurus schools and to run a programme of masterclasses focussing on musical excellence which will establish a tradition of the Laurus Musical Festival.

The Musical Performance Ambassador will ensure that students in Laurus ‘schools benefit from performing in external competitions and concerts and by working with professional composers and performers on creative projects

It is the intention that Laurus will become a centre for ABRSM and Trinity examinations.

Mike is an English musician, composer and educator, working for 20 years in various schools and music programmes in the South East.  He has worked as an educational consultant for the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, as well as being involved in creative projects with a number of organisations such as the Essex Symphony Orchestra and the City of London Sinfonia. 

As a composer, Mike won the Phillip John Lord Composition Prize whilst attending Sheffield University in 1997 and he has since written and directed music in a number of countries across three continents.

As a performer, Mike started playing cornet for local bands such as the Stockport Schools and Marple Brass Bands, but later turned his attention to piano and trumpet, performing with various orchestras and Jazz bands.  He has led workshops and masterclasses on performing and composing and is a keen promoter of the development of a national singing strategy, taking part in a number of forums and working parties in the South.

Mike is passionate about the role of music in education and is keen to promote the idea that every student should have the opportunity to play a musical instrument.

Competitive Sports

The Sporting Ambassador, Paul Dickov, will facilitate the delivery of a high level LFET programme of engagement to raise standards of achievement and participation across all abilities.

  • Training PE teachers in specific high level coaching techniques - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions with selected PE staff on coaching the most talented students, confidence building in coaching, managing teams, team talks and discussions, captaincy, professional conduct, psychology, equality.
  • Coaching and mentoring of talented sports students including lifestyle guidance, stress management, nutrition, target setting, dealing with setbacks.
  • Inspirational talks for all classes (assemblies) including ‘sporting careers’ talks during Key Stage four and five.
  • Coaching school teams
  • Deliver sixth form enrichment sessions
  • Support lessons within curriculum time
  • Organise guest player coaching sessions
  • Organise confidence building sessions for poorer ability and the disaffected.
  • Sessions with parents focused upon explaining the value of sport and physical activity and how best to support highly talented students, as well as those who don’t see the value of PE and Sport.
  • Liaising with and supporting our local primary schools
  • Linking and sourcing the NGBs, Sport England etc.
  • Research and introduce other alternative sports to help engage students who are disaffected by traditional sports.
  • Brokering access to local facilities
  • Provide access to major sporting events and facilities

Masters Programme

One of the biggest factors in classroom experience and outcomes is the professional knowledge and skill of the teacher. Continuing to think about classroom practice and the purpose of education is a key element of the professional practice of all teachers in the Laurus Trust. There are many mechanisms which facilitate this reflective practice: ARC, FPL, Leadership Development Programmes, and the Masters.

The Masters Programme is a conscious move to ensure that our teachers are not passive recipients of doctrine, that they actively engage with relevant philosophical and educational research concepts. All participants apply to the course as this is a significant additional burden on their own person time. The most common route is structured into thirds and is designed to dovetail with our ITT provision.

The programme is currently in its second year with planning already in place for a third year. To date 32 teachers, from across the alliance, including primary, secondary and alternate provisions, have completed two thirds of their Masters degrees with us and are set to or already have progressed to the campus based dissertation stage. The units have explored Issues in Professional Practice, Current Issues in Education, Pedagogy in Practice Research Projects and Critical Questions in Education. Next year the units will be Mapping the Territory and Research Methodologies. 


Andrew Law


Philip Mould OBE


Philip Moss

Co-Curricular Experts
Voice Consultant

Patsy Rodenburg

Sporting Ambassador

Paul Dickov

The Laurus Trust

Linda Magrath

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Tony Little

Andrew Law


Andrew Law is the Chairman and CEO of Caxton Associates, a global macro hedge fund founded in 1983. Andrew attended Cheadle Hulme High School, from 1977-1984, and subsequently graduated from Sheffield University, with a First Class Honours Degree in Economics. He spent his early career at County NatWest and Chemical Bank, before joining Goldman Sachs in 1996 where he was a Managing Director, heading FICC proprietary trading.

Andrew joined the London office of Caxton Associates in 2003, was appointed Chief Investment Officer globally in early 2008, and to his current position effective January 2012.

Andrew and his wife, Zoë, founded the Law Family Charitable Foundation in 2011. He also serves as Chairman of Speakers for Schools.

Philip Mould OBE


Philip is an English art dealer and art historian, specialising in British portraits. He also works as a broadcaster, journalist and writer on art. He is known for his role on the BBC TV show Fake or Fortune? Philip Mould began art dealing in his early teens and has since built up an international business specialising in early British art and portraiture, a subject on which he is internationally consulted. He recently celebrated his 30th anniversary in the art business. Dubbed the ‘Art Sleuth’ by journalists for a string of notable art discoveries, his finds include the lost half of Gainsborough’s earliest known work, the only portrait of Prince Arthur Tudor and five lost works by Van Dyck. For twenty years he was art adviser to the Palace of Westminster for whom he found around 200 historical and political works in far flung corners of the globe, as well as advising on political commissions (for which he received the OBE in 2003).

Philip Moss


Philip Moss is an education specialist with the New School Network with comprehensive knowledge of the policy and legislative framework of schools, Academies and Education and Children’s Services. He has a proven and successful track record of leading education commissioning and school transformation – in particular through the development of a number of innovative academy proposals and school improvement initiatives. He is currently a self-employed interim manager, project manager and consultant for a range of clients.

Patsy Rodenburg

Voice Consultant

Patsy Rodenburg, OBE, is a British voice coach, author, and theatre director. She is the Head of Voice at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, the Director of Voice at Michael Howard Studios in New York City, is a director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and has also worked with the Royal National Theatre.

Patsy trained in Voice Studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and initially worked as an actress before moving into teaching. She has been Head of Voice at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London since 1981 and the Director of Voice at Michael Howard Studios in New York since 1982. She worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company for nine years from 1981, and with the Royal National Theatre from 1990, where she founded their Voice Department. She has worked globally with the Moscow Art Theatre, Complicite, Cheek by Jowl, and Comedie-Francaise. She has taught thousands of actors, including Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom, Joseph Fiennes, Ewan McGregor and Fay Ripley to name a few.

Patsy has authored several books on the subject of voice coaching, including "Speaking Shakespeare," "The Actor Speaks," "The Right to Speak," "The Need for Words," and "Presence.”

LFET enrichment programme - Rhetoric

Paul Dickov

Sporting Ambassador

Paul Dickov is a former professional footballer and manager.

Dickov played as a forward from 1990 to 2011, starting his career with Arsenal, where he won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1994, before moving to Manchester City in 1996. Whilst at City, Dickov experienced two promotions and two relegations, playing in three different divisions, and famously scoring the injury time equalising goal that paved the way for Manchester City’s promotion in 1999. He joined Oldham Athletic in 2010 as Player/Manager and later managed Doncaster Rovers. Dickov represented Scotland ten times.

LFET enrichment programme - Competitive Sports

Linda Magrath


Linda Magrath was the Head of Cheadle Hulme High School(CHHS), 2004-2016. She previously had had 22 years teaching experience, the majority in 11-18 Schools, 11 years as a member of a Leadership team across 6 different Schools in 6 Local Authorities in a variety of contexts. Her experience includes 7 years as firstly Deputy Head of Sixth Form and then Head of Sixth Form at St Mary’s High School, Leigh. As a mother of 4, Linda also has a strong personal grasp of the challenges facing students and their families in the current educational climate.

During her 12 years as a Senior Manager, Linda has had extensive experience of the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum and Timetabling
  • Assessment, target setting and Tracking of Student Progress
  • Quality Assurance
  • Care, Guidance and Support
  • Marketing
  • Estates Management
  • SEND
  • Education Finance

Under Linda's leadership, CHHS has been judged to be Outstanding in all categories in the last 2 OFSTED Inspections (2011 & 2015). CHHS is in the top 2% of all schools in the country for Value-Added based on the 2015 examination results.

As a National Leader of Education (NLE), Linda has had extensive experience of working with underperforming schools, and has been an Ofsted inspector since 2013.

As well as CEO of the Trust Linda is also currently Executive Head of the Trust’s 3 Secondary Schools, Cheadle Hulme High School, Laurus Cheadle Hulme and Laurus Ryecroft.

In addition to her duties with the Laurus Trust, Linda also is responsible for delivery of the LFET objectives and for sourcing additional funding opportunities.

Tony Little

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Tony Little is presently Group Chief Education Officer of GEMS Education, responsible for ensuring the quality of education across the global chain. He was previously Head Master of Eton College, 2002- 2015, and prior to that headmaster of Oakham School, Chigwell School,  and housemaster of Brentwood School. Tony was educated at Eton College in Berkshire on a music bursary, and at Corpus Christi College at the University of Cambridge where he was a choral scholar and gained an upper second class honours degree in English language and literature. He received a Master of Arts in English as well as Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Distinction) at Homerton College, Cambridge. 13

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